Friday, February 28, 2014

Period Drama Dress Quiz {3}

  Period Drama Fashion Week is just around the corner! :-) (See this post for more details.) In view of that fact, today we will have another dress game! I personally love these games and they seem to be very popular with y'all as well. :-P
   Below are eleven dresses from period dramas. Try to guess what period drama each dress comes from, who wears it, and the name of the actress who plays the character. One point will be given for each correctly guessed period drama, character, and actress. A total of 33 points can be earned. Leave your guesses in a comment and I will respond with your score. Answers will be posted next Friday.

  Have fun guessing! :-)

   Dress #1

 Dress #2

  Dress #3

  Dress #4

  Dress #5

  Dress #6

  Dress #7

  Dress #8

  Dress #9

  Dress #10

  Dress #11

                                                                ~Happy guessing!~


  1. Ok, dress #2 I've seen somewhere before, and it's driving me nuts because I can't remember where... Was it in North and South? I can't remember... Dress #5 is from the BBC P&P. I just finished watching it last week so I do know that one, and it was Miss Elizabeth Bennett that wore it, no?
    Brooke Jordan

  2. OK first off sorry I haven't commented in FOREVER! I've kind of been lacking my time on blogger :D

    Dress #1 Yikes I think "Little Dorrit"?

    Dress #2 "North and South" I think, but I can't quite put my finger on it :)

    Dress #3 YAY! "Some Where in Time" and Ms. McKenna wears it, who is played by Jane Seymore.

    Dress #4 UH! I know this one but I can't name it! :)

    Dress #5 I want to say "Sense and Sensibility" and maybe Elinor?

    Dress #6 "Cranford" Sophy Hutton who is played by Kimberley Nixon I think.

    Dress #7 Uh I don't quite remember where this ones from...

    Dress #8 "Pride and Prejudice" (2005) Elizabeth Bennet who is played by Keira Knightley.

    Dress #9 OK I think "Cranford" but I can't remember who wears it, oh but it its driving me crazy at the moment :D

    Dress #10 Oh oh I think I know this one, I hope! :) "North and South" I think John Thornton's sister? Not sure who she's played by but yeah :)

    Dress idea really :)

    Thanks for another fun game!

  3. Great! I love these games. Now let's see...
    1) No idea :(
    2) Margaret Hale, North and South, Daniela Ashbe
    3)Jane Seymour, Somewhere in Time, no idea about the character's name (because I have actually never seen it)
    4) No idea
    5) Elinor Dashwood, Sense and Sensibility, Emma Thompson
    6)Return to Cranford, Peggy Bell, Jodie Whittaker
    7) No idea
    8) Pride and Prejudice '05, Elizabeth Bennet, Keira Knightley
    9) Emma '09, Jane Fairfax, no idea what actress' name is
    10)I feel like I have seen this before.. it's Dickens?
    11) No idea

  4. Hello again Emma- I've just finished writing you an email ;)
    Oh what a lovely game!!!
    Right I think I know most of these.
    1. Only in the first I have my doubts and I will guess... Is this perhaps Mrs Elton in Emma?
    2. This is Margaret Hale from North and South acted by Daniella Denby-Ashe.
    3. Jane Seymour (you always have her somewhere in every game:) but I can't remember the movie or characters name.
    4. Is this Victoria in Young Queen Victoria acted by Emily Blunt?
    5. Ah, Emma Thompson, Elinor Dashwood, Sense and Sensibility.
    6. Sophie Hutton, Kimberly something, Cranford.
    7. Martin Chuzzlewit, Mary something, forgot the actors name.
    8. Elizabeth Bennet, P&P05, Keira Knightley
    9. Miss Taylor, Emma 2009, forgot the actor?
    10. Ada Claire, Bleak House, Carey Mulligan
    11. Lizzy, Our Mutual Friend, Keely Hawes.
    Lovely game (very good introduction for the fashion event;)
    Love Naomi

  5. Ooh may be the blue silk (n4) is Lady Dreadlock in Bleak House or either Victoria in the Young Queen Victoria (Emily Blunt). Not quite sure.

  6. #1- Is it Georgia King as Pet in Little Dorrit?
    #2- Margret Hale in North and South?
    #3- Jane Seymour <3 as Elise Mckenna in Somewhere in Time.
    #4- Tamzin Merchant as Rosa Bud in The Mystery of Edwin Drood. That dress is gooorgeous!
    #5- Emma Thompson as Elinor Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility.
    #6- Sophie Hutton in Cranford.
    #7- Mary in Martin Chuzzlewit?
    #8- Keira Knightly as Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice.
    #9- Anna Bates in Downton Abbey?
    #10- Carey Mulligan as Ada Claire in Bleak House.
    #11- Keeley Hawes as Lizzie Hexam in Our Mutual Friend.

  7. Oh, I know I'm going to know some of these once you post the answers and kick myself. #4, for instance, looks exceedingly familiar. But here are my guesses:

    #3 might be Jane Seymour in "Somewhere in Time."

    #5 might be Elinor Dashwood (Emma Thompson) in "Sense and Sensibility"?

    #8 is Elizabeth Bennet (Keira Knightley) in "Pride and Prejudice"

  8. Yay! Such fun! :)

    #1 - Georgia King as Pet Meagles in Little Dorrit
    #2 - Daniela Denby-Ashe as Margaret Hale in North & South
    #3 - Jane Seymour as ? in Somewhere In Time
    #4 - Tamsin Merchart as Rosa Bud in The Mystery Of Edwin Drood
    #5 - Emma Thompson as Elinor Dashwood in Sense & Sensibility 1995
    #6 - Kimberley Nixon as Sophy Hutton in Cranford
    #7 - ? as Mary Graham in Martin Chuzzlewit?
    #8 - Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet in Pride & Prejudice 2005
    #9 - Jodhi May as Anne Taylor Weston in Emma 2009
    #10 - Carey Mulligan as Ada Clare in Bleak House
    #11 - Keeley Hawes as Lizzie Hexam in Our Mutual Friend

    This was fun, thanks! :)

  9. This is my first time playing a costume game but I hope I got some of these right!

    2 – Margaret Hale from North & South played by Daniela Denby-Ashe
    5 – Elinor in Sense and Sensibility played by Emma Thompson
    6 – Sophy from Cranford played by Kimberley Nixon
    8 – Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice played by Keira Knightley
    9 – Anne in Persuasion?

  10. Dress #1: from ‘Little Dorrit’ on Pet Meagles played by Georgia King
    Dress #2: from ‘North and South’ on Margaret Hale played by Daniela Denby-Ashe
    Dress #3: from ‘Somewhere in Time’ on ? played by Jane Seymour
    Dress #4: from ‘The Mystery of Edwin Drood’ on Rosa Bud played by Tamzin Merchant
    Dress #5: from ‘Sense and Sensibility’ on Elinor Dashwood played by Emma Thompson
    Dress #6: from ‘Cranford’ on Sophie Hutton played by Kimberly Nixon
    Dress #7: from ‘Martin Chuzzlewit’ on Mary Graham played by ?
    Dress #8: from ‘Pride and Prejudice’ on Elizabeth Bennet played by Keira Knightley
    Dress #9: from ‘Emma’ on Miss Taylor/Mrs. Weston played by Johdi May
    Dress #10: from ‘Bleak House’ on Ada Clare played by Carey Mulligan
    Dress #11: from ‘Our Mutual Friend’ on Lizzie Hexam played by Keeley Hawes


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