Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy Birthday to Jane Austen!

                      Today is Jane Austen's 238th birthday!
   Jane Austen is the greatest and most beloved English authoress of the nineteenth century-- and, arguably, of all time-- whose romantic regency novels are some of the best-loved books in the world. Over the centuries she has been admired, quoted, mimicked and even copied (which is not usually a very good thing...) but I don't believe anyone will ever capture regency society quite so eloquently or accurately as she has in her six novels and other short works.
   Jane Austen is not really my favorite author (and in truth, I have never actually finished one of her novels-- yet, that is), but I very much enjoy her stories and greatly admire her as an authoress and prominent historical figure. Her characters are some of my favorites from classic literature (especially the Dashwoods : )), her clever descriptions of human nature always make me laugh, and if I had been born two-hundred and thirty-eight years ago in Hampshire, England, I do believe we would have got on very well. : )

  Some wit and wisdom from Miss Austen....

This one I found to be most amusing. :-)

  A very happy birthday to Jane Austen!


  1. Oh my goodness, great minds think alike! I just wrote a post on this too. But I thought she was 237... Oh well! Wonderful post m'dear!

  2. I meant to do a little celebration on my blog for her birthday too -- and then totally forgot. So I'm glad you did this one!

    Try reading "Northanger Abbey" or "Persuasion" -- they're lots shorter than the others, and "Persuasion" is my favorite of all her novels. "Northanger Abbey" is quite funny, and probably my 3rd favorite (after P&P).


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