Thursday, December 19, 2013

December Letters

    Dear Readers,
      Christmas is coming! :-) I've had a lot of ideas for special Christmasy posts this year, and this is something I've seen on several different blogs and have been wanting to give a try.  Here is a collection of little letters to people and things and experiences that I've been thinking about and doing and so forth, most of which are directly related to Christmas but some of which are just completey random things that I've been thinking about. So here goes! :-)

Dear Snow,

     I knew you'd come back! :-) I was rather sad when you melted away after Thanksgiving, but I was so happy when you returned last week and it looks as though this Christmas is going to be very snowy indeed. Nothing makes it feel like Christmas so much as snow! Unfortunately I haven't had the time to do much sledding yet, but there will be plenty of time for that after Christmas. You are so beautiful and Christmas just wouldn't be the same without you! :-)


   Dear Gingerbread House Postage Stamps,

      You are so adorable! Thank you for making my letters look pretty and Christmas-y.

  Dear Oliver,

      My sweet, darling Oliver-- you can be extremely annoying at times and sometimes you vex me to no end-- like when you nibble on my beautiful roses that I received last weekend-- but you are so very superior to every other cat and I love you in spite of all your little annoying habits. Please don't track any more pine needles in the house (we have enough of those already), and please don't eat any more of my roses (although I doubt you'll be able to get at them now that I've put them on top of the china cabinet. Mwahahaha). Mind your manners, and try to stay off my bed. I love you. *Blows kisses*

   Dear Christmas Tree,

      I'm so pleased with the way you look in our living room this year! I had fun bringing you into the house and decorating you with Molly and Sadie. Bringing ornaments out of the Christmas boxes year after year is like seeing old friends again! It's so nice to wake up early and have the tree lights on while I'm eating breakfast, and I'm sure I shall enjoy looking at you all throughout the season.

 Dear The Scarlet Pimpernel (1982),

    Oh my goodness gracious. Wow. I really enjoyed watching you again! You were even better the second time around than the first, and I daresay, even better the third time than the second! You are completely epic and romantic and definitely one of my favorite movies. (One of these days I really must read the book!)

 Dear Nutcracker 2013,

    You were so much fun this year! It was so wonderful to actually be on pointe this year (even though my pointe shoes are now filthy from the floors at the theatre), and I am so glad I was in the snow and flower corps as well as the merlaton corps. It was great to get to know the girls in my dressing room better, and I received so many flowers and little gifts from dear friends. Being in the snow and flower corps made me actually feel like an important part of the production, and the experience was very rewarding. (And one of the best parts was talking and laughing in the dressing room and playing with the party mom fans. : P) This year was the most enjoyable performance yet, and I shall always remember it.

  Dear Couscous,

     You are absolutely the best thing ever. There is nothing like a bowl of couscous with butter on these cold winter days to cheer a person! Thank you for being so wonderful, and thank you for not making me sneeze even though you are high in gluten (which makes absolutely no sense at all, but if it doesn't make me sick, I'm going to eat it). I love you!

  Dear Becky's Christmas,


   Talk about nostalgia! You are simply the most adorable Christmas story! I've read you so many times I know you by heart, but still you're as enchanting as ever. So many memories are contained in these pages and I practically feel like the characters are my dear old friends (because they are, you know.) : P I love, love, love you.
   Dear The Dolls' Christmas,

     Another dear old Christmas book! You are so adorable and quaint and you gave me so many wonderful ideas for my own dolls' Christmas. I've probably read you about a zillion times or so, but I still love you as much as ever and you will always be special as the first Tasha Tudor book I ever read. *Sentimental sniff*

  Dear Tasha Tudor books in general,
 Y'all are adorable and I love you. *Blows kisses*

 Dear Tasha Tudor,

   Wow. You were such an amazing woman and such a wonderful inspiration to me. I've loved your books since childhood and still read them over and over again, and they never lose their charm! If it weren't for you, I might have never wanted to write children's books, and I probably wouldn't have been so interested in dolls and miniature things. And I probably wouldn't be so sentimental either. :-) You are such a kindred spirit and I know we would have been such great friends!

 Dear Celtic Woman Home For Christmas,

   I've really loved listening to you this month and I'm so glad Mama bought you! I absolutely love your versions of Hark! The Herald Angels Sing and Auld Lang Syne.

  Dear Straight No Chaser Christmas Spirits album,

    I don't like you, sorry. :-P

 Dear Sadie,

    You make everything so much more fun! I'm so excited about giving you your Christmas present! (By the way, we still haven't laughed for fifteen minutes yet to burn the equivalent of calories in an ice cream cone. We have to remember to do that sometime that's not after 10 PM, okay?) : P

Dear Christian Romance Authors,

    I really do like you guys and some of you write really amazing books, but there is one quibble I have with you as a group-- you're kind of redundant. You write the same sort of story over and over again. Those Brides collections are my number one example of this. You know what I mean: the girl is hiding her past, the guy is bitter about something, they are attracted to each other from the start but believe they can never be together....sound familiar? All else aside, though, I  really do love a lot of your books and I appreciate you greatly.

  Dear Christmas Shopping,

    I must be honest, you really aren't my favorite thing to do. Especially when I have such limited funds as I do right now....: P

  Dear White Christmas (1954),

     I knew I would love you. I just knew it. Even though we're not even half-way through you yet, you're definitely one of my new favorite Christmas movies. Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye are just so cute and you're so charming and nostalgic...*sigh*

 Dear Civil War Songs Book,

   How I wish I could keep you forever and never have to take you back to the library! But, alas, that wouldn't be right, and we have had you since October (yikes!) so I suppose it really is time we take you back. *Sniffle*

 Dear Dr. Quinn,

        What can I say? How can I express just how much you mean to me? I've loved watching you ever since I was little and even now there are few things I love more. The characters are like members of my family, the townspeople my old friends, and Colorado Springs is my second home. Whenever I'm feeling stressed or sad, I can watch Dr. Quinn and feel like I've come home. I love you so much! :-)


   Wow! This month has really gone by fast! It's almost hard to believe that Christmas is less than a week away (and I still don't have all my gifts! Yikes!)  I'm so excited for Christmas to come, and yet, I wish we had just a little more time. Oh well.

 Dear God,

    You are so loving and so good. Things can get really crazy sometimes and not always go the way we've planned, but You are always in control, even when it seems like everything's going wrong. Thank You for loving me so much that you sent Your Son to earth for me, and thank You for all the blessings you've given me and my family. You truly are amazing.

 Dear Lovely Peope Who Read This Blog,

   I am so grateful for you all! It makes me so happy that there are people out there who are actually interested in reading the rather random and often silly things I write. I'm so blessed to have gotten to know some of you and I look forward to getting better acquainted with others. Thank you all so much! I hope you all have a very merry Christmas season! : )

         So what are your plans for Christmas? Do you have all your shopping done?


  1. I always love these little letters! I have not gotten all my Christmas shopping done.. (yikes!) And my plans for Christmas involve spending time with my family, who are coming here from all around to celebrate Christmas :)

  2. I might get to start watching "The Scarlet Pimpernel" tonight with my mom, who's visiting for Christmas. And neither of us have seen it before! So exciting!

    I'm glad you're loving "White Christmas." Just wait until you get to the part where Phil "breaks his leg" -- you will laugh so hard!

    And oh, dear Dr. Quinn. And all my friends at Colorado Springs. I love that show, and all those people!

  3. Hamlette,
    Oh my goodness, you will LOVE The Scarlet Pimpernel! And now I can't wait to see Phil "break his leg". :-)


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