Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Just a little note

Hello, my dear readers! : )
   Well, it's been a beautiful week and I have had a simply wonderful time carving pumpkins, working at the stand and playing with the bunnies, watching John Adams and Northern Exposure, reading True Grit  for the second time (it is absolutely amazing!), drinking hard cider, and eating lots and lots of muffins and peanut butter cookies. Oh, and school too. : ) We're having a hayride on Sunday night and I'm so excited!!! : ) I carved two little pumpkins last week and I have three big ones to carve this week. I just love fall!!!! : )

Me holding Twinkletoes

Sadie holding Twinkletoes. He gets the most attention because he's the cutest. : P
 So anyway, this is just a little note to say that I will not be around for the next few days because we are taking our computer to Miracle Max so that he can work his magic on it (because WEIRD things are happening.....it's a wonder I'm even able to type this now). I'm not sure how long it will take, probably just a few days, but the last time we took our computer to "the shop" it was there for about two weeks before we got it back. I wanted to let you all know in case I don't have access to internet for a long time that I haven't forgotten about you! So if you start wondering why I haven't posted or commented or whatever, that's why. And like I said, I'll probably be back in a few days anyway, so I will catch up with reading and commenting and emailing and whatnot then. I also hope to have a review of the John Adams miniseries we've been watching up before the end of the month, as well as some other random fall posts and fun stuff like that. : ) 
  I also want to thank all of my followers/bloggy friends for being such a blessing! You guys mean so much to me! Thank you so much for following my blog and commenting and for being such nice friends. I am so blessed to have found so many wonderful friends since I began blogging early this year, and I am so grateful for you all!
  So goodbye for now, my dears! Have a wonderful week and enjoy the rest of autumn! Talk later! : )


  1. Aww man, no more posts!!!! Belle, Belle calm down it's just for a little bit :D Love the pictures, he (or is it a she?) is so cute! :) Oh and by the way, a email IS coming, I have as well been really busy :) Sorry!


  2. Hey Emma Jane! Just wanted to drop you a note saying that I have nominated your short story post for Yet Another Period Drama Blog's "I'd Like to Share" under the humorous category. ;) Thought you might like to know!
    P.S. adorable bunny you've got there!

  3. Thank you, Maddie Rose! I'm so glad you liked it! : ) And I will inform Twinkletoes of your kind compliment. : P And by the way, you can just call me Emma.


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