Friday, October 11, 2013

Another Quotes Quiz!

 Today we will have another quotes quiz! I made this one a little trickier than the last one, but I hope it's not too difficult. There are 12 quotes in all and five points will be awarded for guessing the correct movie, and five points for guessing the character who says the line. If there are two characters, ten points will be awarded for guessing them both correctly. The blanks are where there are characters' names, and in one case I left a certain phrase blank because 'twould be just too much of a giveaway. : ) Leave your guesses in a comment and answers will be posted next Friday! Have fun! : )

Quote #1
    Character 1: All the _______ are exceptional. They are British to the backbone, of course, but their father was German, which is why they care for literature and art.

Quote #2
    Character 1: What are you fixin' on doin'?
     Character 2: I ain't fixin' on doin' nothin', I'm doin' it!

Quote #3
    Character 1: I'm leaving in the morning, _______. I doubt we'll meet again.
     Character 2: Do you promise?

Quote #4
     Character 1: Husbands die every day. And wives.
      Character 2: And brothers also.
      Character 1: Yes, and puppies too.

Quote #5
       Character 1: Lord _______, that is not what is preached from the pulpit.
       Character 2: No it's not, and that's exactly why I never go to church. One always hears the most extraordinary things.

Quote #6
       Character 1: You have done nothing for which you should be ashamed.
       Character 2: I have done nothing, and for that I am ashamed.

Quote #7
      Character 1: Well, we've made measurements with those two hills, and we already know the height of Newton Beacon and Whitchurch hill....
         Character 2: But how were they measured?
         Character 1: The same way, by comparing them with other hills.
         Character 2: But who measured the first hill?
         Character 3: God. God, my boy. God.

Quote #8
        Character 1: I don't know what you mean by proximate.
          Character 2: Well, go into the surgery and look it up then.

Quote #9
      Character 1: This is not _______'s fight. It is not your fight. All these long years we've been together, the trials we've faced, the blood we've shed....What was it all for, if not for the reward of freedom? And now when we are so close! When it is finally within our grasp-- look at me! Does it all count for nothing?

Quote #10
       Character 1:That winter, we should have won. With the evidence we had collected, by natural justice we should have won.

Quote #11
        Character 1: I must apologize for my tardiness. 'Twas next to impossible to find a carriage. ____ ___ if everyone isn't so equal in your society that no one wants to do the driving.

Quote #12
        Character 1: My uncle was a blacksmith. I know what happens when metal overheats.
           Character 2: I believe they call it the co-efficient of expansion.
           Character 1: I call it bloody dangerous.

Happy guessing!

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