Thursday, September 19, 2013

Homeschool Tag

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 Hello, my dear readers! Goodness, it's been almost two weeks since I last posted! How time flies! I have been very busy these past few weeks, and lately I have not had the time nor the inclination for posting on my little blog. However, today when I read Belle's Homeschool tag over at her blog, I thought, huzzah! Something to post! The tag is open to anyone (as long as you're homeschooled or have been homeschooled in the past) and so I thought I would do it today since it's been such a long time since I graced you all with my presence. : )
 This week I've also been getting ready for Miss Dashwood's Celebrate Musicals Week over at Yet Another Period Drama Blog, which I am greatly looking forward to! But until then, I present you with the homeschool tag. : )

  • You must be currently enrolled in homeschool or a homeschool graduate
  • Answer all the questions in a blog post of your own
  • Comment here on Jessa Bri's blog to let her know you've done the tag

1. Are you currently enrolled in homeschool or have you graduated?

  I am currently a homeschool student in 9th grade, I don't expect I will graduate until I am at least 17 or 18. My two sisters and I have been homeschooled all our lives, and I absolutely love it! I love that I don't have to go away from home to be at school all day, instead I get to stay home and do all sorts of things I wouldn't be able to if I went to a public school or a private school.

2. What is your favourite school subject?

  Definitely history! I absolutely LOVE history, particularly American history. If I don't become a full-time writer (which I probably won't, since if you're a full-time writer you have to write...well, full-time), I would love to become a historian. I am a bit of a Civil War buff. : ) My history curriculum combines history, literature and Bible, so my sister and I often have writing assignments that have to do with whatever the lesson was about that day, which is usually pretty fun. 

3. Do you usually finish school before lunch?

  It really depends on the day. I'd like to say yes, I always do, but most days I don't finish completely everything before lunch. Sometimes when I'm feeling particularly industrious, I get up at 6:00 and do all my school while I listen to soundtracks (which is super fun when it's early morning and it's still dark outside!), but other days I get up later and play the piano for about an hour before I even begin my work. So I guess I would say it really depends on how ambitious I'm feeling!

4. Do you get a recess?

 We have breaks, but I don't think you'd really call it a recess. My sisters and I pretty much all do our own separate things and have our own separate agendas, but sometimes we'll take breaks together, and sometimes when my math is especially frustrating I play the piano for a good 20 minutes, which really does help. : )

5. Snow days?

   Um, no, never! I don't think we've ever cancelled school for a snow day. Some days after school is done we go sledding on the big hill behind my house, though, which is very fun, especially if my cousins happen to be visiting.

6. What subject(s) do you get the best grades in?

   History, probably. Definitely not math. DEFINITELY not science. Heh.

7. Are you one of those students who follows a schedule, gets all your assignments done on time, and does the optional activities? Or do you not really care how and what gets done?

  I am definitely not a student who follows a strict schedule. : P I try to get my assignments done on time so I'm not behind and I can move on to other things, but sometimes if I really don't want to do something I'll just keep putting it off and putting it off until I can't put it off anymore and I just have to do it. I do care what gets done, but I suppose I don't always care exactly how it gets done. : P And as for optional activities, if it's "optional", that generally means I'm not going to do it.

Well, that was fun! Feel free to do the tag if you'd like (as long as you're homeschooled.) Have a wonderful day! : )


  1. Love your answers! Yeah ours really isn't a 'recess' either :) I am so glad to be homeschooled too! I would NOT like to go to school at all! I am so glad my parents followed God and kept all of us out of school!


    p.s writing an email right now! :)

  2. Very cool! I love history too, though I didn't always. It wasn't until I got to college that I realized it was far more interesting than I'd thought.

    I'm tempted to join in this tag with my own memories from being homeschooled, plus a bit about homeschooling my own kids.

  3. Thanks for joining the fun and participating in my tag! :) I really enjoyed reading your answers!

  4. Oooooooh how fasincating! As someone who has gone to a girls school my whole life this is really interesting to see what you get ip to haha. I love history too! :)

    Your so lucky! doing your work when you are able. I like to social side to school though and I really want to be a teacher! I also now have some great friends who have been my past teachers as they have left the school whilst I have been there and we have kept in contact.

    Sorry about possibly boring you but I felt I had to comment :)


  5. I NEVER finish before Lunch. Lucky gal you are, Em. :-)


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