Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"I'm not odd, really, just overexpressive."

 Hello, dearies! Just popping in to say good-day to you all and that I've been quite busy this week, so that's why there hasn't been much of anything interesting going on here lately. However, since I know how y'all just love picture posts (wink, wink : P) I thought I would post some of the pictures I've taken lately. You know, one of those posts where I bombard you with a bunch of random pictures and don't write anything of any importance. Because in case you haven't already noticed, I LOVE to take pictures. : P And today I'm in the mood to be random. And since I don't have a sensible title for this post, I just decided to use one of my favourite lines from Howard's End, which, I think, applies to me perfectly. : P
Yesterday my dear sister Sadie styled my hair like Lady Edith Crawley from Downton Abbey, and I thought I would post the pictures I took of it since it turned out so very nicely.

This is the back. (Yes, thank you Mary.)

We're watching the 2nd season of Downton Abbey again, because my sister Molly missed a lot of it the first time we watched it. Oh my goodness, it is so good!!! : ) I think I almost forgot how amazing it is. The 2nd season is by FAR my favourite of the three so far. And I'm not really counting on liking the 4th one that much, because, well.....I can't even say it! Downton Abbey admirers will know what I'm talking about.         

The other day, Sadie and I went to a library book sale, and we got a bit carried away.  : p This is what the bookshelf in our room looks like now. Some of these books are ones that we already had, but most of the books on this shelf we just bought. Sadie found a book about the battle of Trafalgar, which is on the end on the left, and Lieutenant Hornblower, the second book in the Hornblower series. I found a book of Tennyson's poetry, which is the big blue one right next to The Scarlet Pimpernel. It has The Lady of Shallott in it, which is not in any of my other poetry books, so I am glad to now have a copy of that. And I think we all know why I wanted a copy of this particular poem. : P

   Willows whiten, aspens quiver
   Little breezes dusk and shiver
  Thro' the wave that runs forever
  By the island in the river
 Flowing down to Camelot.

 The entire poem is super long, almost four pages, but I hope to memorize it soon. : )

This afternoon I went down to the bridge to do some writing, and I took some pictures with the self-timer on my camera (those things are so handy!)                                                                                                       

 I actually didn't get much writing done. : ( I've been writing more lately, ever since I started rewriting Lyddie of the Island, but still it's going pretty slow. I have to start disciplining myself more, making myself write some every day. The trouble is, I'm usually busy doing other things during the day, and then in the evening I'm usually so tired I just want to watch Dr. Quinn or Downton Abbey. : ) It's just so hard to stay away when Molly and Sadie are watching Downton Abbey, though- especially when it's season 2! I must be such a terrible writer! I shall have to work at restraining myself more. : P

   The story that I'm currently working on is based on characters that I made up when I was much younger, maybe about eight or nine. I wrote three books, based on three different sisters in one family, the first of which, Lyddie of the Island, I have decided to rewrite and add many more events and much more detail. It is the story of the seven sisters: Josephine, Hattie, Lyddie, Emmy, Charlotte, Addy, and Linda, although Lyddie is the main character of the seven. The story is set in 1910 on Prince Edward Island (wonder where I got that? *wink* : P). I've been reading the books that I wrote when I was younger for the first time in a long while, and looking back, it's quite funny to realize where the inspiration for everything I wrote about came from. When I read through it, I think, "Oh, I got that from Anne of Green Gables....I must have got that from Little Women....that came from My Louisiana Sky."  I'm adding a lot more of my own ideas, thank you, to what I hope will be the finished work. : )

 Oh yeah, and it's Romola Garai's 32nd birthday today! I was going to do a post about her and her period films in honor of the occasion, but alas, I did not find the time today. So instead, here is my little tribute to this very talented actress.

 Of course, we all know and love her as Barbara Spooner in Amazing Grace...

 And as everyone's favourite Emma Woodhouse. (Yes, that's right, everyone's. And if she's not your favourite, just go away. I mean it.)

  Heehee, I'm just kidding. You can stay, we won't hold it against you. : P

As the lovely Kate Nickleby

As Gwendolen Harleth

 And some of us can't stand her as the horrible Angel Deverell. But we won't go there. ; P
   In short, Romola Garai is a very lovely and talented British actress and is to this day one of my favourite actresses. So happy birthday, Romola Garai! : )

What are some your favourite Romola Garai movies?



  1. Another Dr. Quinn fan! Hurrah!

    Romola Garai is not my favorite Emma. Possibly because I haven't seen her version yet. Library doesn't have it, so until I can find a copy elsewhere, I'm out of luck.

    Love your photos!

  2. Love the pictures! :) As you know I love picture posts, so I really LOVED this one :P Oh yes! Happy Birthday Romola Garai! I was watching a movie the other day with my older sister and brother's and we were saying how sad it is that all these great actors and actresses are getting old :( It's like their the only really good actors, so sad :(


  3. Oh dear, I just noticed that Blogger stuck the Audrey Assad video right in the middle of the Romola Garai pictures, even after I thought I had taken it off. Blogger can be SO difficult. : (

    Yes! I LOVE Dr. Quinn!!! After Horatio Hornblower, it is my favourite period drama. Have you seen all the seasons? My family had seen all of them through 4, but then season 5 seemed to not be as good, so we didn't bother finishing it. However, we just recently watched season 6 for the first time, and I absolutely loved it! I think it might even be one of my favourites. I LOVE Daniel Simon. : )
    Oh, and I do highly recommend Emma! : )

  4. I've seen all the seasons, but not recently -- haven't seen the last three since they aired. But I am right there with you on the Daniel Simon love! Gets my eyes to stray from Matthew and Sully, and that's saying a lot!

  5. OH, I KNOW!!! How can you put John Schneider AND Joe Lando in the same show, right? : ) I enjoyed it, though! But John Schneider is my second favourite actor, so I pretty much enjoy watching him in anything. : P It was a little weird in the sixth season when Sully was still in hiding and Daniel would be at their house with the rest of the family while he was out in the woods alone...it was almost like he was Sully's replacement! I still don't think I favor him to Sully, but probably more than Matthew. I didn't really like Matthew as much (as MUCH, mind you,) in the 2nd and 3rd seasons, but I think he had improved and grown much wiser by the 6th. (And I loved it when he was the Sheriff! I also loved it when he thre his Sheriff's badge in the dust...) And at the end of the very last episode, at Colleen's wedding when he was holding Katie and dancing with her....well, that was just about the most adorable thing I ever saw. : )
    I really could talk about the show for hours! Maybe I should email you or something. : P


  6. Yeah, there are some episodes that kind of implode from all the hotness, don't they? I'd never seen John Schneider in anything before this, but I quickly became a fan :-)

    I started watching this when season 3 was airing, and had to watch reruns to see the first 2, but I saw the rest as they aired. I was drawn to Matthew from the start, because he was so sad in season 3 and I have a thing for sad characters -- if I had begun with season 1, Sully would probably have been my #1 guy instead.

    And yes, things got a bit worrisome for a while there, with Daniel almost taking Sully's place. Good thing Daniel was such a good guy!!!

  7. You quoted P&P!!!!

    I may now die in peace.

  8. I did WHAT?!?

    No, seriously, I can't find where I quoted P&P. What was the quote?

    (Haha, bet you didn't know this, but "now I can die in peace" is a line from Les Mis. EVERYTHING IS A LINE FROM LES MIS. Sheesh.) ;-P

  9. You know - the "Thank you Mary" right there, in the beginning. Lizzy says that to her sister.

    Haha, I accidentally quote les Mis the whole time. You must be proud of me. :-)

  10. Oh yes, now I see. :-)

    Haha, yes, you do! Isn't that funny?


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