Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Few Announcements

Hello everyone!

  As I'm sure you've noticed, For the Beauty of the Earth has a new look! I was planning on changing the header and background for fall sometime soon, but I decided to do it a little earlier than I had planned on because I had gotten so tired of looking at my old header.  : P The new header is a painting by my favorite painter, Edmund Blair Leighton, called September. Isn't it beautiful? : )

  I also changed the entire template because I wanted to get rid of those little birds that have been in the upper right corner ever since I started blogging, because they started to remind me of those creepy birds in that Madeline episode.....anyway, shutting up. I love the new design and I hope you do too!

 Also, it gives me great pleasure to announce that I have begun a writing blog, Wonderland Creek, where I will post about my stories and characters and just writing in general, and perhaps occasionally a book review.  The idea for the name came from one of my favourite books by Lynn Austin, and it doesn't really have a specific meaning, except that I've always loved it and I thought it would be a wonderful name for a writing blog. I hope you will stop by! : )

  And I also wanted to mention.....

   We bought the Downton Abbey book!!!! It is simply fabulous! It's full of pictures and quotes from the characters and actors and interesting facts about the making of the show, as well as details about life back in the 1910s and it's just delicious. I definitely recommend it to any loyal Downton Abbey fan! : )

                                   One of my favourite pictures in the entire book. : )

                                                             My personal favourite chapter. : P

  I really liked this page because it listed all the servants' first and last names, some of which were not mentioned in the series. Who knew that Mrs. Patmore's first name was Beryl? I didn't!
  So anyway, Sadie and I have been just loving it, and Sadie has already read three chapters. I haven't actually read it yet: I've just been looking at all the GORGEOUS pictures and reading the quotes from the actors, but soon I will. I have quite a long list of things to read, though, so it may be some time.....: P


  1. I hope you don't mind me commenting on such an old post, Emma.
    I loved seeing you write about your blog 'Wonderland Creek' cos it's mine now.
    And- I have bought that D A book and I'm dashingly excited.

  2. Naomi,
    No, I never mind when you comment on old posts. :-P
    You've bought the DA book!!! YAY!!! Isn't it marvelous? :-)


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