Thursday, July 4, 2013

Our Independence Day Pie

 Aaahhh! Can this be?!? I'm posting twice in one day!! I know, it's shocking, but this afternoon my sisters made this lovely patriotic dessert and I wanted to post these pictures of it.
  Here is the dessert they made. The crust is made out of graham crackers and the filling is raspberries and blueberries, with whipped cream and berries on top. I don't think they really followed any recipe, they just improvised. : )

                                                        My sisters Molly and Sadie. : )

  Happy Independence Day!!!


  1. Awesome looking pie! Can you send me a piece? :P Happy VERY LATE 4th of July!


  2. Hehe, sorry, it's all gone! :P Happy 4th of July to you too!

    ~Emma Jane


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