Saturday, July 27, 2013


My crazy mismatched "Autumn Foliage" socks. : P I can't wait for cooler weather!
It hardly seems possible that July is almost over! The summer seems to have flown by so quickly! In a way, it's rather sad that summer is almost half over, but I don't really mind since I love all the seasons in turn, especially fall. I've been thinking a great deal about fall lately, and I really am looking forward to apples and pumpkins and cooler weather. I love summer, but fall is definitely my favourite season- there's just something about it that makes me so glad! : )
  I've been daydreaming a lot lately- about fall, about what it would be like to live a hundred years ago-  you know, things like that. : ) This week in particular I have been especially busy with an all-week dance intensive and working at the stand, which is why I haven't posted much. After dancing literally all week, I was glad to have today to catch up on reading and writing and do housework and clean bathrooms and other fun things like that. : )  I thought I would post a short update on life in general, since I haven't posted much about what I've done this summer.
  Today I've had some time to read one of the new books I recently got, Widow of Gettysburg by Jocelyn Green. About a week ago I bought two new books, Widow of Gettysburg and Stealing the Preacher.

 I started reading Stealing the Preacher several days ago, but I wasn't really getting into the story, so I decided to start Widow of Gettysburg instead. I've only read two chapters but already I really like it. The writing reminds me somewhat of Lynn Austin, but that's not the only reason I like it, of course ( Lynn Austin is my favourite, but I'm not that biased!) So far I really like the way the writing flows together, and of course it's about the Civil War, so that interests me a great deal too. I would have liked to read the first book in the series first, but as I couldn't find it anywhere and since I don't think the stories are really connected, I've just decided to read this one first. So far it's very good!

  All week I've had "Who Am I?" perpetually stuck in my head, and so I've been singing it more than is probably necessary. But then, you can never sing too much Les Mis. : ) The other night I was singing it and when I got to the part where he says, "Who am I? I'm Jean Valjean...", Sadie goes, "Who's that?" And I'm like, really? : P

  Sadie and I have been working our way through East of Eden these past few nights- and working is really the right word for it! Oh my goodness, it's simply dreadful. For those of you who don't know, East of Eden is a miniseries based on the classic John Steinbeck novel that was made in the '80s and stars Jane Seymour, which, I will admit, is really the main reason why we wanted to watch it in the first place. But my goodness, she's just awful! Sadie had watched a bit of the first episode last year- I was away- but since it was so awful, we didn't bother to finish it that time. However, we decided to try it again, and we are now halfway through the second episode (it's about eight hours long total...yeah) and it is absolutely awful. Jane Seymour's character, Cathy, is just about the worst character I have ever seen, in anything. I'd like to finish it, because it's such a classic and just so I've seen East of Eden, but I don't think I'd ever watch it again.

On July 16th, Sadie and I went with Sadie's violin teacher to hear a rehearsal for an orchestra concert with a guest violinist at a frou-frou institution near where we live, which I will not address by name so as not to disclose any information about the general are in which I live. ; P The rehearsal itself was, um, exceedingly boring and I didn't care for the music, but Sadie and I took some very nice pictures of the grounds and made an enjoyable day of it.

  This is the bookstore, one of my favourite stores ever! They have lots of books and stationary and lots of other pretty, useless little things, and I just love it. We found this books called The World of Downton Abbey that is all about the show and the time period and we REALLY wanted to buy, and we even took it to the desk on the point of buying it, only to discover that we were $1.25 short. The salesclerk was very cordial and asked us if we would like him to hold it for us, and we were like, "Yeah, can you hold it till August?" : P Hehe, we actually didn't say that to him, but afterwards we considered it. I did, however, buy a lovely little journal and some very pretty stationary, and Sadie and I plan to get the Downton Abbey book another time.

    We thought this house looked kind of like Green Gables. : )

                                         The Smith library, another place I could spend hours in. : )

 These are some books we happened to find in the library. : P

              The Antheneum hotel. It's always reminded me of the Grand Hotel from Somewhere in Time. : )

        The iconic bell tower. Since we were with a group of other younger violinists (I didn't quite fit in....), we had to visit the *crazy* lady in the bell tower and hear (again) about how the bells work and the history of the bells and how it's the best job on the grounds to ring the bells and blah blah blah. But of course we were very respectful and nodded and said all the appropriate things. : )

   I'm very glad to be able to spend time at home after an entire week of dancing all day long! It was a good experience, but after about the second day I had pretty much concluded that I don not like having to go to ballet class every single day. (Friday morning I was singing "One Day More"- yes, I've been in kind of a Les Mis mood this week.) This afternoon I had "a complete turning out and spring (summer) cleaning", as Beatrix Potter would say, and now I am going to read my new book before turning in for the night. As Jane Austen so eloquently puts it, there is no place like home for real comfort. I am so grateful to come home to my nice little house each evening after working at the stand! There are other places I'd like to go someday, but I know I will always want to come back home.
    So farewell, dearies, I hope you've all had a good week! : )

  P.S. My dear sister Sadie has posted some historical hair tutorials on her blog, most recently a hair tutorial in the style of Emma Woodhouse from the 2009 Emma. I'm sure she'd love it if you stopped by! : )


  1. Love all your pictures! I love picture posts! Just followed your sister's blog, I love both your blogs! Hehee, yeah I have those moments ALL the time, like when someone's telling me something I hear ALL the time, or have heard before, or don't want to hear, I just nod and agree :P Glad to see your back!


  2. Thanks Bella! Glad to be back! Sadie was so happy when she saw you had followed her blog. : )



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