Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Beautiful Day for Photography!

Guess what, everyone....I finally bought a camera! : ) Actually, Sadie and I pooled our resources and bought it together, but I really don't mind sharing in the least. Anyway, ever since we got it almost a week ago we've been taking lots of pictures and several silly videos of our animal friends ( someday I ought to introduce them to y'all, they're really quite fun.) : P Yesterday was such a beautiful day and so I took some pictures outside that I thought I would post. : )

  I shall never tire of this view. : )

   Nor this one. : P

   The oat field, taken from inside the woods.

   This is a picture I took from inside the woods of the horse pasture. I like it because the trees are so dark and the sun is shining so brightly on the grass.

  Yesterday when I went outside, I found our ridiculous cat Oliver lying in a pile of hair from when our dog Willie had a haircut the other day. It looked so funny to see him just lying there, as though he had just slaughtered a sheep or something! But that's just the kind of thing Oliver does. : )

       You are so weird, Oliver. : P

    The cornfield, and Sadie in the cornfield.

   Yesterday and today have been extremely warm, but very sunny and beautiful and I've been spending quite a bit of time outside. I haven't the time for anything more, but I wanted to share these pictures with you! : )


  1. Love these pictures! You got an awesome camera. It's so frustrating, our family nice camera has been acting up, and so whenever I get ready to do my vlog, it messes up! So frustrating. Anyway ha ha, love the cat pictures, oh and the one with your sister in the corn field. Love them all!


  2. Great pictures! I especially like the ones of Oliver, as I used to have a nutty cat named d'Artagnan :-)

    I have a daughter we call Sadie! Her name is actually Mercedes, but hardly anyone calls her that anymore.

  3. Isabella,
    Glad you like the pictures! I am so thankful to finally have a nice camera! I get frustrated when things get messed up too, especially when I have no control over it. I hope you are able to film your vlog soon, though! I'm looking forward to seeing it! : )

    Yes, Oliver is a nut. D'Artagnan is such a unique name! Is it from a book or something? Where did you hear it?
    I know, I love the name Sadie! I've actually named a character in my novel Sadie Grace. : )

    ~Emma Jane

  4. The main character in The Three Musketeers is named d'Artagnan, so that's where we got the name. (It's pronounced dar-TAN-yun.) I love getting names from books and movies, so we also had a cat named Sherlock once, and we had a dog named Westley after the guy in The Princess Bride.


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