Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Blog Party and Giveaway at The Story Girl!

Hello, my darlings!

  Hayden at The Story Girl is hosting a blog party and giveaway! I have never participated in either and so I am quite thrilled and excited about it! Hop on over to her lovely blog and join in the festivities.

Here are the Tag Questions!

First: Name 5 childhood memories that bring a smile to your face

  (I had trouble narrowing it down to just five!)

#1 Going mini-golfing every Fourth of July with my family and Grandparents. (This is actually something that we still do every year.)
#2 Drawing on the road with chalk with Sadie and our neighbours and laughing hysterically at one thing or another!
#3 Taking trips with my sisters and cousins to my aunt's house and always having such great fun!
#4 Watching 102 Dalmations with Sadie when we were home alone, making bets about what was going to happen (that's another story!) and eating an entire half a pie by ourselves. : )
#5 Nearly fainting laughing over Chicken Little (!?) when my cousins spent the night at our house.

Now, the questions:

1. Was there a particular game you played with your siblings all the time?

 I wouldn't say there was a particular game, but we used to play in our treehouse in the woods behind our house very often. It was especially fun when our cousins came over, and then we would go all out and dress up and think up really dramatic storylines and get quite carried away.....: ) Also, my sisters and I loved to play Barbies in our basement, commonly known as "Barbie land", where we set up entire towns and sometimes played all day!

2. Did you have a special toy/item that you dragged around everywhere you went?

  My favourite toy was- and still is- definitely Elbert, my white stuffed bunny whom I received for Christmas when I was but two years old. He has a personality all his own, he can be quite ridiculous and he is terribly funny. He makes my sisters and I laugh all the time and I'm afraid he's sometimes rather blunt but he is such good fun and I don't know what I'd do without him! And I would never drag Elbert, thank you very much. : )

3. Was there a movie/TV show that you were obsessed with as a child?

 Oh, yes! Several years ago, I think when I was ten or eleven, I was first introduced with National Treasure, and if I've ever been obsessed with anything that was definitely it! I've always loved history, so naturally I found it very interesting, but there was also that mysterious element to it that made it just fascinating to my eleven-year-old self. It was my favourite movie EVER for several years. When I was really little, about three, I went to see Finding Nemo with my older sister and my aunt, and so that was my favourite movie for a while.

4. Did you have an imaginary friend?

   Oh, several. I remember one I named Ellen who was my best friend, and then there was a Betsy and another one I can't remember the name of. At one point I had a whole collection of friends and families who lived in an imaginary village I called Little Dublin, because they were all supposedly from Ireland (?). Perhaps I was a rather strange child, I admit, but I had such fun coming up with all their names!

5. What did you want to be when you grew up?

  Well, I think when I was really little I wanted to be a ballerina, and then I wanted to be Amish, and then I wanted to be a detective like Nancy Drew. Then I wanted to be a writer like Anne of Green Gables, and then for a while I thought I'd like to sing in the Metropolitan Opera, or be an actress. Those are some of the many ideas I had!

6. Who was president when you were born?

  William J. Clinton.


7. Any song associated with your childhood?

   When we were very young, my sisters and I used to listen to lullaby tapes at bedtime, which we have long since given away, but if I were to hear them again I'm pretty sure they would take me back.....: ) Also, I grew up watching musicals, and so songs from movies like Hello, Dolly!, Meet me in St. Louis, The Harvey Girls and The Music Man remind me of when I was little, and so do the songs from Barbie: The Princess and the Pauper. I was an ardent Barbie movie admirer back then- I still am, kind of, although they don't make them like they used to! : (

8. Something that scared you as a child?
  Cows. I know, pathetic. I suppose it was because I wasn't raised with them (like both my parents), and I just wasn't used to them at all, but I just remember being utterly terrified by the milkman's big, noisy cows whenever we went to his farm to get milk. Also, I was afraid of the dark, but most everyone says that, and I'm still reluctant to answer the phone!

9. What's the food that you like now but back then just wouldn't eat?

  Back in the day I wouldn't eat anything green, except peas, I think. Now, even though I don't particularly like them, I can *tolerate* things like spincah and asparagus. Other than that, my tastes have mostly remained the same.

10. Was there any Christmas or birthday gift that you really, really wanted and went crazy about?

  I flatter myself that I have never gone crazy about anything- even though maybe I have : ) I can't really remember anything in particular I received that I had really, really wanted- I usually was just so pleased with whatever I got- but when Sadie and I were about eight and ten or thereabouts we both saved up to buy A Life Of Faith dolls, and we were really excited about that. I think I may have gone a bit crazy when the big box finally arrived! We both still have them, of course, though they don't get as much attention as they used to. Mine is Millie Keith (although I have recently re-named her Ada Clare : ) and Sadie's is Kathleen McKenzie.

Millie Keith/ Ada Clare. (Her hair was so ridiculously long and got so tangled under the care of my ten-year-old hands that we took her to our neighbour, who is a hairdresser, for her to cut it! It helped a great deal. For a while, that is.....)                                                                                                                     

Kathleen McKenzie (needless to say, she doesn't look much like this anymore, unfortunately!)

And those are the questions! I would like to thank Hayden at The Story Girl for hosting this excessively diverting blog party!                                                                                                                     





  1. Oh, thank you for entering! You have a Millie Keith doll?! I have Violet and Kathleen, and my sister has Elsie, so Millie is the one that we don't have :( So sad A Life of Faith went out of business!

    And you've seen the Princess and the Pauper, too!!! Yay! :D

  2. Thank you, Hayden, for commenting! Yes, it is very sad that A Life of Faith went out of business. :( My older sister also has Elsie, but she didn't get her until she was fifteen and so she hasn't been played with as much as Millie and Kathleen and consequently is in much better shape; she's sort of like a collector's doll. :) My cousin has Violet too. And yes, I simply adore the old Barbie movies! My sisters and I used to watch them over and over, especially Rapunzel- that was our favourite. I do believe I could still recite most of the movie from memory!

  3. Haha, I used to looove playing Barbies when I was younger. There were stories I'd make up that were carried on for months, heehee. (Actually, I still wish I could play Barbies, hahahaha, to tell the whole truth. :P I just CAN'T anymore. Heh. It doesn't work. :P)

    And it's horrid what they do to the Barbie movies nowadays... but I like the earlier ones. ;) (Am I the only one who cried over the reunion scene in the Island Princess?) I didn't discover them till I was about twelve so I did my admiring in private. :P (I knew a couple people my age who liked them, though. Heehee.) I still sing the songs sometimes. ;D "I'm just like youuuu, you're just like meeee, there's somewhere else we'd rather beee..."

    Anyways. Shutting up. :) I think there was something unrelated I was going to say, but now I can't remember what it was. Remarking that we have the same blog background, perhaps? :D

    1. I agree, it is quite horrid what they do to Barbie movies these days! But I still love the good old ones like Rapunzel and The Magic of Pegasus Swan Lake. I actually didn't really care for The Island Princess, to be honest- I'm not really sure why, but I still occasionally sing the songs!"Sun goes down, and we are here together...fireflies glow like a thousand charms..." It's miraculous how I still know all the words! My sister Sadie and I sing "I'm Just Like You" all the time- we've actually learned the harmony parts like in the movie! Well anyway, it's nice to know there are some people out there my age (or older, even) who still like them! Carry on, dear!
      Oh, and I know we have the same blog background. :P I do hope you don't mind, but this was just my favourite!

      ~Emma Jane

    2. Well, one of the things I liked about The Island Princess is that there was no 'magic' in it--just people with evil intentions. The whole talking to animals thing was nonsense, though, so obviously there are some things about it I don't like. ;) (The songs are indeed very catchy, though, and I like that lullaby... especially since it has my name in it. [Well, melodies, anyway.] Actually, a couple Barbie songs do, heehee. Oh, and every time anyone says "I need to know," I always feel like bursting out with "I need to knowwww these answerrrs, I need to fiiiind my wayyyy..." I actually do sometimes, heh heh.)

      The Princess and the Pauper was probably my favorite. It also doesn't have the magic--and the dresses are THE PRETTIEST. Heehee. But I still do like the other ones, including Rapunzel. Hey, they beat Disney to it, haha. (I remember thinking at the time it was funny that Disney didn't have a Rapunzel movie. Then, voila, up pops the loose interpretation Tangled. Haha.) I'm not sure when the last time is I watched any of them... I had a niece who has a lot of the movies and I'd watch them sometimes with her but she moved away, sniffle.

      Anyways. Enough rambling out of me. Oh, no, I don't mind about the background; I'm surprised everybody doesn't have it, it's so cute. ;)


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