Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to James McAvoy!

                     Today is James McAvoy's 34th Birthday!

 James McAvoy is one of my favourite actors because he is simply so charming! Well, that's not the only reason- he's also a very good actor and I love his Scottish accent, even though he doesn't use it very often. I've seen him in several movies, some period dramas and some not, and he is incredibly versatile in the roles he plays- for instance, he often plays Americans and you can't even tell that his accent isn't genuine! View his IMDB page here.

 Here are some of James McAvoy's movies:

                             Becoming Jane as Tom Lefroy

 I have very mixed feelings about this movie (don't we all!), and Jane Austen's love interest Tom Lefroy is not the best character ever, but he's so charming and clever that it's almost impossible to dislike him entirely. Tom is a bit of a dandy, and an unfortunate one at that, and James McAvoy seems to be very good at playing those types of characters! Despite being a bit on the mischievous side and not entirely trustworthy, I did like this performance and it's actually one of my favourites of his. Plus his costumes are so stylish! "Green velvet coat- vastly fashionable!"

                         The Conspirator as Frederick Aiken
  James McAvoy plays an American in this movie- with a beard?!! I admit I had my doubts about it at first, but I've since come to the conclusion that it seems to suit him very well! The movie is set after the Civil War and tells the story behind the assassination of President Linclon. I'm fascinated with history, so naturally I thought I would love this movie when it was released two years ago, but I actually ended up liking it more than I'd anticipated. Not only is it very well-cast and well-filmed- not that I'm an expert on filming or anything!- it's also very historically accurate, and all around a very worthwhile movie. Plus, James McAvoy gets to wear a Union uniform, which, I might add, is not unreasonably flattering. :)

                                Penelope as Johnny Martin

 This is very possibly one of the weirdest movies I have ever seen (confession: I initially only wanted to watch it because James McAvoy was in it), but it's also rather charming and clever and this is actually one of my favourite of James McAvoy's roles. Johnny Martin is kind of a....what's the word? I hate to say bum, but that seems to fit! He's sort of a down-on-his-luck kind of character, and when a reporter looking for an assistant mistakes him for someone else, he goes along with it because he needs the money. He really improves a lot by the end of the story- at first he's a gambler and a thief - but he really reforms a great deal and I like this character quite a bit. And he plays the piano! That was quite nice. :) This movie also has some very interesting costumes- it's pretty much impossible to tell just what era the story is set in- or what country, since some of them sound American and some of them sound British- but Johnny Martin has quite the impressive wardrobe. In short, if you like quirky movies with weird storylines and great actors, you'll probably like Penelope!

  I've also seen James McAvoy in Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, but that was only once a very long time ago and I really don't remember it at all- plus, that's really not my cup of tea and so that's probably why I've never cared to watch it again!

Facts About James McAvoy:

 -He is married to actress Anne-Marie Duff, and they have a son named Brendan.

 -He trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

 -As a child, he wanted to become a missionary.

 -Before he went into acting, he wanted to join the Navy.

 -After growing up in Glasgow, he moved to London at the age of 20.

 -He is good friends with Benedict Cumberbatch (another favourite of mine!)

Simply put, he is quite charming!

Have you seen James McAvoy in many movies? Which is your favourite of his roles?

Very Truly Yours,

Emma Jane

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